Adult Friend Finder Success Stories and General Comments!
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Member: hvfun1

Last Month I received this great e-mail from a really nice man. We responded back and forth for two week everyday and decided that it was time to meet one another in person. We chose a public place where there where plenty of things to do. We shared the night playing darts,dancing and chatting. We enjoyed each other's company very much and can not get our minds off one another at this very moment!! Thanks for sending someone special into my life!! Hvfun1

Member: Angel4fun

AFF works! I'll admit, being female is an advantage. I have had overwhelming numbers of responses, and have met 3 or 4 guys in person. The hardest part is scheduling. I've had incredible sex with the men I've met. Thanks!!
2/ 8/99

Member: luvlicks

I'm luvlicks, and I just wanted to say to any gal hesitating on putting an ad on AFF. I did just that, last April. Basically,I was looking for an E-mail Male to share my rather lonely life with! In the 8 months that AFF showed how many visited my ad--the total was over 1400. Sure, lots of horny guys responded...and a handful of those were ones I chose to answer. But then in June, I received a mail from this man, who lived nearly 1500 miles from me.Thru the next 4 months, I came to know him like I know my own fact-He knows more about the real me, than any husband did.WHY? Because AFF makes 2 people communicate-which is the biggest factor (or lack thereof) in any relationship!! Endless E-mails daily turned into 2 hour phone calls daily. After only 1 visit when he came up to see me..we knew we were definitely no longer going to be apart. He moved me bag baggage,this past Nov. to the south. Bought us a new mobile, and we're being married in 22 days. As a divorced woman..the LAST thing I wanted was to get involved, yet I sure was lonely. When someone told me about AFF, I thought what harm could it do?...and look at me now. Don't be afraid to write or meet someone on cautious, don't be hasty.BUT, just remember, that life is full of chances..if you pass one up-it might have been that special chance that could have changed your life forever! As quoted by "MichaelAngel".... "My dreams are filled with images Of a lifelong shared romance- Shared with you forever.. Because we took a chance." Do it and do it now.Life only gives you 1 shot! Luv, Luvlicks! (AFF..Good Job!)

Hello, my handle is cyclonerider. I want to share with everyone that I have found the perfect woman for me on here. She is the first person I met on AFF and her handle is hotstuff69F31 . If you are new to AFF keep trying, someday you may find the right person. I am hoping to spend the rest of my life with her. cyclonerider
1/ 4/99

Member: Angel71

I would like to thank AFF for its services and the meeting of a new WONDERFUL friend of mine. He is "JawJaCowboy", he had sent me an e-mail and I did not reply for awhile. Then decided I would, so I did. We live in the same town and about 3 minutes from one another come to find out. We talked on-line for awhile and then begin talking on the phone. To hear his voice for the first time was incredible and then when he said "darlin", it made me melt. We continued to talk almost every night and then on New Year's Eve we decided we would go out together and celebrate. I divorced in September and was really looking forward to New Year's. And I must say that this New Year's was the best ever. He is a perfect gentlemen and just an all around teriffic guy. We spent from New Year's Eve up until the following Sunday night together and it was pure pleasure for me. I know already that he is a friend that I will have for a very long time to come and feel wonderful to know this. I feel as if I can talk to him about anything and know he will always be there for me, and I feel the same for him also. So, if you ever have the oppurtunity to become a friend of "JawJaCowboys", you will be blessed! Once again thank you to AFF and more importantly thanks to "JawJaCowboy" for making the sun seem to shine brighter in my life now. ~Hugs~ to you!
1/ 8/99

Member: Sorium

Hi ! I joined Adult Friend Finder 2 months ago Wow ! my penis erected ! When I saw those nude girls. I found My girlfriend in AFF. I am having sex almost every night! Thanks! Bye!

Member: billc62

After several months at AFF I met this couple and we have had become friends and and when we get together it is absolutly Incredible. I never thought it could be this good I have since hooked up with some other people looking for the same things and can't wait untill we meet

Member: TrickU

Most people are afraid to use services like this one. I was afraid at first..but after meeting 2 very nice people off of here, I would recommend online hunting to anyone!!

Member: LQQk4luvmn

I had placed an ad here in the begining of last year. I received some real good replys , but one guys reply really stuck in my head. We met online to chat first,, then a month later in person. Now 7 months later I wanted to let you know that he dropped down on his knees 9/15 and asked me to marry him,, ring in hand. I said yes of course,, and plan to be happy for many many years to come. Thank you ! LQQk4luvmn

Member: shotgun-elmer

Hi, Shotgun-Elmer here. Wow what a difference when switching to Gold membership! We met a couple in our area that we have had a wonderful time with both in and out of bed! We couldn't believe the responses to our emails. Most every email sent was answered and have met friends to keep in touch with and enjoy sharing experiences and ideas. Most of all I have to say, meeting someone like the friends we found here, well let's just say we're having the TIME OF OUR LIVES!!!!! Thanks AFF!!! Shotgun-Elmer

Member: stephan31

All I can say about AFF--is that you'll never know, unless you try. After two very disappointing meetings, the third time was a charm, here in Michigan. After meeting through AFF, my girlfriend and I have shared alot of time together in the last 3 months. She's more than I hoped for--smart, beautiful, outgoing and a ferocious lover. Thank you AFF for your most valuable service.
12/ 7/98

Member: berengaria

Thank you for helping me find my soul mate. After meeting quite a few guys online, and not meeting "The One," I was starting to get discouraged. But then He responded to my ad, and after a few emails and chatting online, we met in person. It was not long before we knew we were meant to be together, and now we are planning a wedding for next October!

Member: Bitchinredfox

Last Wednesday December 2nd I received an email from rick862....... this week I have booked a flight to California to spend Christmas with him.......wish us luck folks..... Bitchinredfox

Member: SexySharna

SexySharna I met a wonderful guy called Ronnie we became friends through adult friend finder. After a few mishaps we met and eventually started to fall in love. I first knew i loved him when i was drunk one time and he looked after me i placed me life his hands and trusted him complety. I realised then all i wanted for the rest of my life was him. We made love just before he had to go for an operation and it was wonderful the first time i have ever felt joined to another person. Over the last few months i knew the meaning of love with him. He became my life. We split up a few days ago. It was my fault complety and if he reads this i just want him to know how much i love him and if there is ever a chance of us getting back toghether because i dont think i could live without him

Member: paul1908

hi my handle is paul1908 i found my true soulmate through aff. her handle is luvicks. she was 1300 miles from me, but after months of writing to each other, and countless phone calls, i traveled to meet her and we hit it off famously. she is absulutely perfect for me and i for her. we have both found our true soulmates right here. thanks guys at aff. we are soon to be married, and are presently sharing our new home in florida. your service worked for us, and i hope it works for all of you too. happy hunting to all of you. when you find the perfect soulmate you will know how wonderful it is. paul 1908

Member: bill35mwm

i met a cpl. through your service and it was a great sexual experience.i was very nervous at first but they were good people and made me feel relaxed we even did some home video thanks bill35mwm


Well do not know where to begin I suppose..alot of you on AFF know me or have seen me around. I have made alot of friends and acquaintances in the last year that I have been apart of this chat! But for those of you that do not know me or mine and my husbands story..then here it is. My husbands handle is TR758..we had seen each other around for about a month..both talking with a mutual friend of ours..but never really saying all that much to each other. Then in Feb. 98 he sent me an email through AFF...We talked Via the phone and the net for the next 2 1/2 months, every single day! We made arrangements to see each other..Me being from Ohio..and him stationed in El Paso, Texas. Well to make a tremendously long story short we got engaged in June 98 and were married on November 20, 1998. I wanted to thank AFF for bringing this most wonderful man into my life...and in a way to opening my eyes as to not being so closed minded about certain things. He is my world..and I wouldn't give him back for anything..*giggle* Well you know our handles when we are apart..and are handle when we are together is Ebony_Ivory98. Thank you again AFF for supplying us with the means to find the person of our dreams! Sincerly, POCA!!

Member: Rhain

I have got to give my eternal thanks to adult friend finder! This past week I met a woman in my area on your service and we've hit it off unbelievably well. We are so compatible that I doubt it will be long before I am saying and hearing those magical words "I love you". We have been talking for a week almost and have had three(!!!) dates already. Thank you SO much for helping me find someone so well suited to me. She is attractive, personable, funny, and, well, just EVERYTHING I was hoping for. Thank you again.

Member: softouchur9

was surf'n one night and ran across AFF... went through their free format and started looking in my home state for other's that were "curious". found a match and emailed her. she emailed back, i emailed and before you know it, we met face to face, and are in very special and quite erotic relationship that i hope will never end... thanks AFF!!! you made it possible..

Member: TakingcarevU

Three's a charm. Hi yall. I joined adult friend finder in March of last year. Within a week I had met four ladies. After talking to one of them for only an hour we decided to get together. We enjoyed ourselves and met several times after that, but she just wasn't what I was looking for. I met another lady that I talked to several times who finally decided to give me a try. We enjoyed ourselves a couple of times too, but she still wasn't what I was looking for. Then I met another lady, she is happily married like me, but wanted to be touched and caressed and eaten, which her husband wasn't doing. I drove 300 miles to meet her figuring that she would back out because she had never done this kind of thing before. We met and wandered about in a mall for a little while and I backed off and told her that I enjoyed meeting her and getting a chance to chat in person. To my surprise she drove up to a motel room and I gave her what she had been longing for and she was certainly able to take care of me too. We met again a month later and again enjoyed ourselves. In October we got together again and for the first time since we'd been getting together we were totally in rhythm with each other and we came together twice. It was incredible. She has disappeared again for a while, but hopefully she'll show up again and invite me to see her again.

Member: kelvin76

She's stay near to my place . We met through AFF and started our relationship two months ago . I went to her birthday party and we left the party without the notice of her family and friends . We went to the beach and we started to chat . She said that she felt bored with the life strained by her family and she decide to run out from her life . We did make love at the beach and now here we are , long lasting I hope ........

Member: kelvin76

I have no idea that she's studying in the same college as me . We met after two weeks of e-mail to each other and phone conversation . Then , finally she admitted that she's in the same college as mine . I was so shocked as the lady of my dream is just near to me . She asked me to locate her and will award me if I could find her . I did it . She denied at the beginning but I broke her secret after buying some of her friends . Now, we're staying together now , of course in the same room . Tell you what , I never ever get bored doing sex with her , as I said , she's the lady of my dream . Come on guys , you might get someone oneday , just look and seek . Good luck !!

Member: openmindedplay

Little did we imagine how AFF would enrich our already lusty world. The two us always wanted to swap with another sexy hetersexual couple. In less than a month we met a fun and kinky couple who are now great friends. And the sex has been playful, wild fantasy fulfillment. Who would have imagined that our Sundays would leave us sooooo sore. Fucked Senseless in San Francisco

Member: Kelvin1976

I've no ideal what's really happened . All I remember is I started to receive a few mails and started to contacted them . First started with e-mail but later with phone call and we met . I met this girl quite near to my place . We started as friends and we chat a lot of things together especially sex . I never have this kind of conversation before and finally we really pratice on what we discuss about . It is the fuck of the millenium !!! Hope you guys there good luck too .......
11/ 8/98

Member: Joe-Di

Hi my handle was Freesia52 and I met a man whose handle was Joe44147, we met on AFF about 7mo. ago. (approximately) Well Joe lived in Ohio and I lived in Washington state. We hit it off very well and the romantic guy drove from Ohio on my birthday to meet me, a 2500 mi. trip. He stayed for a month and we are soul mates. About 2 mo. ago he drove back to Washington after driving home to get me. We couldn't stay apart. We now live together in Ohio and plan to marry. Thank-you AFF for giving me the avenue to find my soul mate and the man of my dreams, we both thank- you for changing our lives and our future to the best ever. We are now Joe-Di C
11/ 8/98

Member: chip1wa

I signed up several months ago and began to browse the listings for the Baton Rouge area. I found a few listings that interested me and sent the women some E. Low and behold a few wrote back. One woman in particular was interested in having a safe discreet sex only relationship. I'm not kidding! This is the truth! I was interested in this same kind of relationship. I broke up with my fiancee mid-summer and am not ready for any kind of serious relationship at this time. So here I am Thursday afternoon after an afternooner. Life is great! We both are getting all of the sex we want with no strings attached. We get together and burn calories every chance we have any free time. She gives the best blow jobs I have ever had. And I lick and make love to her untill she screams over and over. She loves it.

Member: Lirpa11

I would never have believed it would have happened and I wasn't looking for something like this, but I was contacted by a man from Holland on here. Well, I'm in Hawaii so I thought "what's the point?" But he said he was going to be in Hawaii for a visit and maybe we could meet. So I thought "what the heck!" So we began to exchange emails. To make a long story short (which I usually don't), I just spent the most incredible week of my life with this man and he will forever and always be the greatest love of my life. I was never so happy in my whole life. I finally met my soulmate. Sadly, tonight he got back on a plane to go back to Holland - and his wife.

Member: smutley

i came in here looking for what i was'nt geting at home,,, took a few weeks and a bit of carefull scruitinising ut i found a women in just the same situation doing just the same and it's been 5 months now and we are doing fine and getting it between once and three times a week which is better than once in three months and that was on a lucky nite. she's happy i'm happy and we are happy together so it works out for us

Member: nastenurs

Hello AFF, I am just dropping you a short line to let you know that I have met the most wonderful guy! (Thanks to you at AFF!!!) We chatted a while on line then started to converse on the telephone.Last week I went to personally meet this man! He is such a wonderful person and I miss him now when we can't talk or see one another!!!! I am looking forward to a possible bright future with him,if I have anything to say about it that is!!! Again I want to THANK YOU!!!! Sincerely, Kelli H. P.S. I'll keep you up to date on this,a new beginning!!!!

Member: HighRomancer

I have met a special new friend and have had a great time in many intimate ways over the last year thanks to Adult Friend Finder. We hit it off right away and continue to see each other when we can. Not only has it been exciting, but she has become a friend of depth and romance. I was shy at first about contacting people with this service on the web, but am now very excited about the possibilities of meeting new romantic people, making new friends and possible warm and intimate new relationships.

Member: macca26754

I joined AFF 6 weeks ago and since I first joined I have been corresponding with a lady in Russia. So far, things are coming along really well and she is coming to visit me in Australia in february and I am goping to see her in Russia in May. Thongs may develop from there.
11/ 1/98

Member: TJSBABY2

I met the greatest man ever on AFF..his name was Roger and he lived in Cocoa Beach Florida..I was living in Sacramento...He sent me airfare and then some, I flew to Florida and we met,we had a wonderful time and I came home with the best memories ever in my heart.
11/ 5/98

Member: brigadierron

I have "turned-off" my Profile. Through AFF I have met a very wonderful lady. After corresponding for several months, and numerous telephone calls, followed by her flying to California all the way from Texas, we spent five plus days together. ..... AND discovered we were the PERFECT match! She will visit at Christmas for 2+ weeks, then return to complete her "Masters" by May 1999, ... At which time she shall be joining me permanently, and, oh yes, the wedding is planned for June! Thanks AFF!!!! Brigadierron
10/ 1/98

Member: ShowStopper75

Hi everyone! I been a member in AFF for over a year now and have enjoyed my days in here. When I first started here I came in to make friends in which I did make some new friends, but I never came in here to look for a relationship. Yes I had some bad relationships until I finally met the girl of my dreams! hotn you make me feel so special sweetie, I really never thought I would feel this way about any girl until you came into my life. I Love you for that! When I was down on myself you were there for me. No other female would do that for me. Everyone in AFF land AFF does work, if it wasn't for AFF I would have never met my babydoll at all! Sweetie I can't wait until I hold you into my arms and kiss you. I'm so greatful that AFF brought us together like this and of course God also brought us together. AFF we talk every day of the week and the more we talk the more we get closer together. I know her very well now, I been searching for that special girl for me and I finally found her in your wonderful chat rooms. To top everything off we are engaged! When that day comes when her and I get married, I'm gonna invite all my friends from AFF and including the AFF Team members. Thanks AFF for bringing me the girl of my dreams and everyone in AFF be patient if your looking for a relationship, because that person will come along for you, like my girl when she entered my life. Sweetie I will always love you and forever and I will never let you go. I Love you Kristen! Yo te queiro mucho mi amor!
10/ 6/98

Member: FunLady

Thank you AFF - and I din't even find you myself. My husband found AFF, and persuaded me to put in an ad as a dare, because I owed him for being so good when he found out how much fun I had when I was on holiday without him, and I knew from past escapades how much he enjoyed watching me or hearing about me with other men. Travelling to my first meeting was really exciting, as was the teasing in the bar, followed by a race upstairs to the bedroom and a night of pretty uninhibited sex. I found out again that night how much better meeting a total stranger was than the swinging we had done with friends before, and how much I enjoyed performing in front of hubby. Now we are adicted! I am too embarrassed to tell you how many men I have now met off AFF, but lets just say that the last five months have been very busy, very exciting, and real FUN. I never knew there were so many ways of reaching an orgasm!
10/ 6/98

Member: KRC1

I started to talk to a lady by the handle of lipstick33 one day in the Hot Tub.Her and I found that we had SO much in common that we made a perfect couple from the start.Her and I are now trying to arrange a physical meeting and will eventually marry.We have fallen madly in love with each other and HATE everyday we don't get to talk or chat online.We talk on the phone often and have shared information with one another that would be deemed private.I wanna thank AFF for bringing me this woman and and thank you for your GREAT service.I have made so many friends here I may need six or seven jobs to pay for all the Christmas cards I send out.Lipstick33's name is Jolene she lives in Cheyenne WY while I live in NYS and my name is Kevin.Handle KRC1. THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF "OUR" HEARTS KEVIN

Member: Pierced-Belly

This is Pierced-Belly, I met a wonderful person in Sweden. I live in the US, Florida, however I am making plans to go to Sweden in December of this year. I cannot wait to meet him. We have been on the phone or computer everyday for months. We have grown very close, and have fallen in love. Thank you AFF and the computers that have brought us together.

Member: doctorjw

Met a nice friend that enjoys the outdoors. great experience. Unfortunately, the person moved to another state on the east coast. We had some nice camping trips, major hiking expeditions thorughout Oregon. being the "type A" workaholic that i am, it was pleasure to meet someone who had similar interests and lots of energy. Back to the search... doctorjw

Member: gm6597

I have met a couple of women from AFF for the most pleasureable, creative and adventerous times. In one case she was quite the exhibitionist and we went to a local adult theater where she pleasured herself and the men around her (as she sucked her breasts). Another was looking for a bit of diversion and we met in a shopping mall parking lot where I fingered her to orgasm. Great system...

Member: lucky1babe

I am married and was searching for the perfect man who would help me fullfill some sexual fantasies and give me the sexual experience I so craved. I found him after recieving many responses from many great men. I hit it off immediatly with this man and I couldn't be happier with him.He means the world to me and I am not so sure we aren't soulmates who just found each other after searching for so long. He is the light in my life and I am so happy now. I never thought I could meet such a wonderful man from here but I did.. He is wonderful in everyway and I hope to one day be with him forever. Trully this site has helped bring me happiness once again. Thank You. Good luck to others out there who are still in search of the right partner/lover/friend! I found mine, so I know it can happen and does happen. If anything you have helped me to find an eternal friend for life !!!!!!!!

Member: Acidburn98

just to let everyone know, love over the net can happen, i met a lovely scottish lass through aff, we chatted online, then on the phone, we finally met, and hit it off straight away, she has now moved to england to be with me, and we are moving further south in the near futer, we are very happy together, and are sure we are soulmates, so remember it can happen to you

Member: LilMama

If it wasn't for AFF I would have never of met the love of my life. I got a lot of responses to my ad, but it seemed like none of them caught my eye until one day when I was reading my e-mail a message caught my eye. The guy lived like 10 minutes from me. At first we just exchannged E-mails then we got into talking to one another on the phone, one day we decided we would meet. It was a wonderful experience. Now it seems like I have known him all of my life. Thanx AFF for helping me find my Soul Mate!!!!

Member: Tennessee1

The very first listing I came across after getting approved was the one from Sara. It was obvious that we were looking for the same thing. We are both married, but not being satisfied by our partners. After exchanging e-mail addresses and writing back and forth for several weeks we decided to meet. We both found the fulfillment we were looking for. As a result we mutully decided to remove our AFF listings and be faithful to each other in the friendship that we have found. Thanks AFF...we joked that you must have created the site just for us.

Member: jayb6

9/ 3/98

Member: precious0925

AFF I am forever in your debt. On May 1st 1998 I received an e-mail from the most wonderful man I have ever met. I was intrigued by his kind nature and the sincerity of his letter. We started exchanging e-mails on a VERY regular basis. Before I knew it the e-mail had progressed to phone conversations. Since I didn't have a picture posted I sent him my pic via snail mail. Within a couple of days I received a dozen roses from him with a heartfelt note. By this time I knew I was already in love. Even though I swore I would never meet anyone from the internet. The next week I received another dozen roses. After receiving that dozen I knew we had to meet. Our first meeting took place on June 19, 1998. Since that day I have never looked back. Lynn369 is everything I have ever wanted in a man, and then some. He is a wonderful friend, companion, and lover. Next year I will be adding husband to that list. He proposed to me on my birthday. He reserved a suite at a bed and breakfast, and proposed to me in front of a roaring fire. My engagement ring is in the shape of a heart, which he says is a symbol of his love for me, and that he has given me a piece of his heart forever. That day he made me the happiest woman alive. AFF thank you so much. Without your service I would have never known such happiness or found the man of my dreams. Lynn, sweetheart.....I will Love you Forever!!!!!!! Precious0925
9/ 4/98

Member: BP316

I want everyone to know that if it wasnt for AFF i never would have met the love of my life..Sensual-lady, and on August 16th I got on my knees in the lobby and Proposed to her. When she accepted it made me the happiest man on the planet, and I think that I owe a Great Deal of Thanx to everyone at AFF for making this site possible, because if it wasnt for this site I dont think that I would have every met my Very Beautiful Fiance. Thanx again BP316
9/ 2/98

Member: SydneyAusPT

I didn't know what to expect when I listed my profile. After just seven days on AFF I had recieved three enquiries from two single women and a couple. Considering the ratios between men and women looking for sex partner(s) are about 400 to 1 in Sydney (AUS) this is an outstanding result. I am attending a swingers party with one of my enquirers after we organised a meeting at a local nude beach a few days ago. I have also had two responses from 9 emails that I sent to prospective women and couples listed on AFF. I guess it pays to advertise...... particularly on AFF

Member: destiny26

I would like to thank my friend karen for sending me this page to visit..i have been going through some hard times and karen told me to put an add here..well i did and i have found a wonderful man on aff..with out aff i would have never been able to talk to we e-mail and talk on the phone alot..i am in love with him..and look forward to what the future hold for the two of us..we are planning on haveing some great weekend together..and who know what will happen from there..THANKS AGAIN AFF...this does work... destiny26

Member: LadyFaith

Thank you AFF! Before I pull my profile, I would like to say, you service has brought me some wonderful men into my life. So much so that I must for now, pull my profile due to an overwhelming amount of responses and great people I have met through AFF. And if things don't work out, or I run out of people, I will be back :) LadyFaith @}--}-- Always Believe and you will never forget :)

Member: Tennessee1

Thanks AFF! When I signed up I didn't expect for the very first listing I pulled up to be the perfect lady. We were both married and lonely. After writing back forth for several weeks we decided to meet this past week-end. We had the greatest sex of our lives and as a result have decided to remove our listings and be faithful to each other as very valued friends. We think you created this site just for us and we strongly recommend it for others to find their perfect mate.

Member: out2enjoy

BAsed on an ad observed in AFF I hooked up with a couple in their early forties. The husband was strictly there to observe the entertainment. His wife was a lovely woman with 44 DD breasts and a love for oral sex. We got a hotel, played some music, danced and she proceeded to remove my clothing and orally pleasure me in front of her husband. He simply watched. I returned th oral favor on a clean shaven muff and then pumped my way to orgasm. The best tasting muff I ever had the pleasure to visit. I then took a break and sent her over to pleasure her husband for which he rewarded us with a half hour alone. We had a ball, fucking her tits and hitting that muff again. A shower followed. I have fulfilled a fantasy thanks to AFF. Now I belive I want help other couples who enjoy similar arrangements. I am addicted! Thanks AFF
9/ 9/98

Member: geoffg34

Hi there, well Wednesday night came and I met the women i mentioned in my previous story. She was fantastic, we were going to be as a threesome, but her husband had to go somewhere, so we were left to it!!. All i can say is .....BRILLIANT, I did not want the evening to come to an end. I met the husband just as I was coming all over the girls back!!, but he was fine about it and left us alone until we had tidied ourselves up. We had a quick drink and a little chat before leaving at around 11.30 ( from 8.45!! ). All I will say to other members, if yu have not succeeded yet - keep at it, cause sooner or later you WILL meet someone and have probably the best sex you have ever had or had for a while. Many thanks to Adult friendfinder for setting up your business and hope that you will continue to do so. PS, I'm now going to upgrade to silver or maybe Gold!!!. Thank-you
9/ 9/98

Member: addy40

Thanks AFF: Your personal ads really work, I have personal ads all over the internet, and must say that AFF really works, it got me the most responses. I have met some very interesting men. Have been seeing one special man for the last 7 months, it's been wonderful. We both want the same things "uncommitted sex" and we enjoy the exploration of sexual fantasies. Thanks AFF for making all things possible thru your personal ads and for the chat rooms you have created, what a great bunch of people. I highly recommend the AFF personal ads, don't be shy, say what's on your mind, place your personal ad with AFF, it won't fail you. Nothing ventured nothing gained. Now I can truly say the quote "so many men, so little time". It's been fun! Addy40

Member: Thomas316

I just wanted to tell you that thanks to AFF I have met the most wounderful woman. I was looking at some add's and found one that interested me. Her handel is Lonesome Dove. I emailed her and only half expected to get a reply. She did reply and for the past three months we have been talking on ICQ and sending email back and forth. Our email and talks tend to get very erotic and very intence. We have fallen in love with eachother, and plan to meet in person very soon. I have never met a woman like her in my life, she is warm, careing, funny, charming, smart, and very sexy. I just want to say : I LOVE YOU DEE, NOW AND FOREVER!!! Thanks again AFF, and to all that don't think this works, i'm here to tell you it does!

Member: Jeddai

Last Saturday I was just cruising the "last 100 logged" list and emailing interesting people. All of a sudden, I got a reply from April. I wrote back immediately and we continued writing for several hours. I gave her my phone number, more as a gesture that I was not a fake predator and she gave me hers and asked me to call at 8pm. Mind you, she had first answered me just before 1 in the afternoon. I called her at 8 and, for several hours, we simultaneously talked and emailed each other. Finally giving up the computers, we just continued to talk until 4am. We slept a while and started up again on Sunday. It's been that way all week and our phone bills will be outrageous, but what an investment! She's driving down for the weekend next week. This is a first for both of us, but we will see how it goes. AFF works. I'm grateful.

Member: doughboy21

I meet a wonderful talented young lady. We had the greatest of time. I meet her over two months ago. We really got to know each other very well. and just yesterday she told me that she might be pregnant with my child.I was so happy that I told her to marry me. And she said yes.

Member: 101percent

I answered an AFF add and met the man of my dreams. We have been dating for a month now and are making plans to move in together. I am really happy with AFF and think it is a wonderful way to meet great people. I have also made some really good friends though there chat rooms. Thanks AFF 101percent

Member: KCLH

We have AFF to thank for our meeting one another....We still enjoy coming to the clean rooms to visit with our many friends and adopted relatives. We'll keep you informed on upcoming events and any changes that may take place in the future *S*. KCStorm LongHair2 = KCLH

Member: kwonghoe

i met a great woman and we had sex all the night. i came 5 times and really felt so exhausted but I still left my index finger in her cunt and wow...thanks to adult friendfinder !!!

Member: Deepcunt

Dear Friends at AFF, I had recently joined your site as a regular member with only half a hope of finding the right company. However, I have been flooded with responses and I could choose highly suitable people in such a short time. It is truly amazing. We are already on the swing and having the fun of our lives. In fact, I have also strongly recommended my friends to avail of your services by becoming members. I write this to thank you sincerely. Yours, "Deepcunt".

Member: CatEyes857

This is CatEyes857 i am writing a success story for me and Rastlin. He came to visit me and we had a great time. We both have been missing something special from our marriages and we got together we found out what it was. It was the touching and kissing and just being held by someone. We plan on getting back together again real soon and to put the sparks back into each others eyes. So if anyone is wondering if the Adult Friender works we can tell from experience that it really does. So give it a try. We have both found a friend and a lover in one person. We both are in bad marriages so who knows it might be possible that someday we will be together forever and we will have friend finder to thank for that. Thanks again Friend Friend. We love you for bringing us together. And now we both love each other very much also.

Member: Jeff01

Joined AdultFinder on Aug 29th, and sent a few e-mails. Received a reply on Aug 31st. It was a 200 mile drive, but the thoughts of the encounter made it go quickly. It turned out to be more than worth the drive. We hit it off excellently, and the sex was more than could be hoped for. Lots of good sex. Not to mention some good conversation in between rounds. A really sweet young lady. I had a really great time. I was a little nervous making a sex date over the Internet with out knowing what she looked liked and with just minimal exchange by e-mail. But that also added to the excitement. It turned out to be a spetacular couple of hours. I'm really glad we both decided to take the chance.
6/ 1/98

Member: lovergal

I met the most special man in my life in the hot tub. Golf is his name. I love him so very much. We both look forward to spending the rest of our lives together. I can hardly wait. If it wasn't for aff, I wouldn't have met him. Never would have. Thank u AFF for making it possible. Golf darling, I LOVE U VERY MUCH!!!! Also made the most wonderful in the tub. Terry dear, u will always be my friend..forever. May we continue to have meaningful times together. Thank you for being there most of the time. I cherish our friendship.


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